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Among the many pigment producers in China, Asiafine Chemical sets itself apart from the rest of the field with the name you can trust. With 46 years of experience in the pigment business, Asiafine is a Taiwanese company with global perspective investing Western innovation and technology into JV pigment plants in China.  The world's receptivity and response to quality consistent pigments produced in China has been our niche which brought forth rapid growth in the past five years.  Our ambition is to be Asia's finest pigment supplier to the world in product range, quality & consistency, and accessibility so you can compete in your industry. 
Through mergers and shareholdings, Asiafine Chemical establishes itself with the ability to supply to the dynamic needs of today's consumers with an annual production capacity of over 10,000 tons with more than 100 pigment grades.  Our wide product range includes organic and inorganic pigments, aluminium pastes, pearlescent pigments, and metal complex solvent dyes.  Holding fast to our innovation and technology, we offer a line of high performance pigments, Nano pigment and paste, and colour chips for industrial and automotive paints, decorative paints, printing inks, plastics and various special applications. 
Asiafine Chemical maintains the vision that quality and consistency can not be compromised.  We diligently work with renowned pigment chemists, engineers, and universities to achieve the highest production standards for our customers who desires to establish their own niche in the market.  In addition, we adopt advanced lab equipments such as photospectrometer, particle size analyzer, paint/ink millers, and plastic extruder to test our products in appropriate applications before every batch of delivery. 
Asiafine Chemical understands the importance of on-time delivery to our customers.  We implement the latest logistic system to enable our customers to receive the products in predictable and timely manner. Asiafine Chemical is currently supplying to countries in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.  Through our distribution network, Asiafine products are easily accessible for your convenience.    

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